YATO brand award to be 4th place

Co-sponsored by Shanghai Tool Industry Institute Tool Hardware Inspection Center, State Light Industry Tool Hardware Quality Supervision & Testing Station For Tool Ware, Shanghai National Tool Hardware Standardization Center, National Tool Hardware Standardization Center Information Center and Shanghai Tool Industry Institute, the top 20 foreign and domestic tool hardware manufacturers has been published.
YATO CHINA TRADING CO., LTD. has introduced YATO brand into China impressively since 2008, from then on, YATO made steady progress step by step and enlarged the market share, thus YATO turned to be a unique part among the domestic hardware tool circulation market, as well as outside of China. YATO always have been thinking that the quality is the basic and the guarantee of going forward.
Among the TOP20, this is one of the most important honors that YATO got, which is an extraordinary meaning. Especially for the domestic hardware tool market where are plenty of brands with mixed quality, this honor gives YATO extremely positive confirmation and a competitive guarantee.