Polish Champions

The Programme is carried out on behalf of Wroclaw by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.
Our economy is becoming international as a result of two trends – the acquisition of complex foreign investment projects as well as the expansion of local companies onto markets worldwide. Both these trends are material for placing Wroclaw in the world network of economic relations.
For years now, the Capital of Lower Silesia has effectively attracted foreign investments – Wroclaw houses the Polish centres of companies such as Google, IBM, HP, Nokia Siemens Networks or McKinsey & Company. It is time for our companies, already successful on other markets, to be purposely supported in their further development.
Businesses participating in the Polish Champion programme have to be at least of a multilocal character in Europe and and established global strategy. In the pilot programme there are 11 Wroclaw-based companies enrolled: AB, Clarena, Hasco-Lek, Koelner, Kruk, Impel, REC Global, Selena, TelForceOne, Toya and Xantus.
Areas that the programme is aimed to support, where declared crucial by all the participants. First set of these strategic matters was selected at a series of seminars – they all evolve around the human resources, promotion, research and development. On the grounds of first experiences, we intend to develop a platform of communication that will allow for new ideas of projects to be generated constantly.
From the point City’s point of view the purpose of this project is to have a couple of global companies around in ten years time. Such fact will significantly stabilize the economy and its innovative potential. It will also enable a higher circulation of capital in the SME (small and medium –sized enterprises) sector. Successful solutions of Polish Champion may be applied in other cities throughout the country.
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