TOYA ROMANIA SA on the Day of Polish Constitution

Toya Romania was granted the honor of being invited by His Excellency Mr. Ambassador MARCIN WILCZEK to the reception organized by the Polish Embassy at Cercul Militar National din Bucuresti, on 10 May 2016, occasioned by the 225th anniversary of the „adoption by the Polish-Lithuanian Union of the first national constitution of the modern world in Europe, in 1791, being also the second constitution in the world, after the United States one”.

That Constitution (which was in force for just one year), tried to replace the existing anarchy, maintained by some of the country magnates, with a constitutional monarchy, thus abolishing the abuse represented by liberum veto, which entitled any deputy who wanted or was bribed by a foreign entity to do so, to veto the laws adopted by the parliament for the country economic development. That step was deemed by the historians as the beginning of democratization of Europe.

During the event attended by numerous military, industry, commerce, finance and culture officials of Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, France, the Baltic States, US and China, the focus was on the cooperation between Member States within NATO and on the bilateral cooperation at Company level and on commercial exchanges among present partners.

To the event were invited companies that are representative for Polish capital invested in Romania.

The event was attended by Ambassadors, diplomatic staff, parliament members of some NATO states, ministers of exterior affairs and of defense from the two countries and numerous personalities of the financial, cultural environment and media representatives.


The event was therefore well covered in the Romanian business media (Ziarul Financiar, Nine o’clock, etc.)

Besides Toya Romania, there were also other top companies from various economic fields, which bring their contribution to strengthening the good commercial relations between Romania and Poland and whose activity is supported at all levels by the Polish government represented by Mr. Ambassador WILCZEK.

”The companies become increasingly stronger and they realize that there is life beyond the local market. In early 2000s, it seemed to me very unusual to see Polish companies in Southern Europe. Then, the Polish companies focused especially on the Polish market, on Ukraine and Germany. Now we have Polish companies doing business in France, Germany.

We are a large EU country and we cooperate with our friend from the Eastern side of the Union, which is very natural. We want a closer cooperation with these countries. We discovered we have many similar expectations and views.

Its economic strength makes Poland the greatest political power of Eastern Europe and, within this context, taking into account also the increasing terrorist threats and conflicts in the East, Warsaw will host in July a NATO summit.

This government is more focused on the relationships with our neighbors on the Eastern side of NATO and EU, especially taking into account the current geopolitical situation.

An important role is played also by the economic diplomacy. Our embassies have, of course, departments for promoting commerce and investments. However, the role of an ambassador, of such departments for promoting commerce and investments is also to provide support to companies on those markets, regardless if they are private or state-owned. These departments for promoting commerce and investments ensure the participation to fairs, supports them for public purchase contracts, and shows them the trends on those markets.

The strategic decisions are made by the companies and the embassies provide them support” – said in his speech Mr. Ambassador WILCZEK.

Toya Romania was present for the second time the events organized by the Polish Embassy and this time it had a YATO rollup located just at the entry of the King Ferdinand the 1st Room of Cercul Militar National, together with other companies at the top of the bilateral commercial relationships between the two countries.

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